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Singapore – Reuters (LSE: RTR, Nasdaq: RTRSY), the global information company, and Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), have signed an enterprise-wide deal for Reuters Market Data System (RMDS) in Singapore. Standard Chartered Bank will be taking Reuters Market Data System which will be deployed globally to replace its current Triarch infrastructure.

Mike Bass, Global Head, Rates & FX, Standard Chartered Bank said: "Standard Chartered now has enhanced capability to deliver critical real-time prices and news across our global network, in a fully resilient and scaleable fashion. RMDS will help improve the Bank's service delivery to clients."

RMDS manages financial content in real-time across trading environments and will be deployed by the bank to feed both their desktop users and their business-critical internal pricing engine. Prices from this engine will be distributed to internal and external users using Reuters data transformation and contribution technology.

Alex Hungate, Reuters Asia Managing Director said: "We’re pleased to see another customer using the ability of RMDS to take direct feeds from multiple exchanges and integrate them with Reuters data to power business critical applications. Standard Chartered will use the multi-site architecture of RMDS to give high resilience whilst enhancing disaster recovery by linking sites globally."

Eddie Haddad, Reuters Asean Managing Director said: "Standard Chartered Bank’s global role in Singapore underlines the significance of RMDS and its ability to optimise quality and service for customers who need to be connected world-wide. Using Reuters market data system at the heart of the bank’s infrastructure will provide the bank with a cost efficient and high performance solution."

In addition to serving Reuters premium desktop product, Reuters 3000 Xtra, RMDS will also feed the bank’s trading platforms. Banks using Reuters leading market technology in the direct feeds will get a better level of resilience and ultra-low latency without data loss, standardised across a single data model.