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ONIX Solutions announces launch of new FIX Protocol Regresion Test tool (FRT)

LONDON, DEC. 1st, 2005 - ONIX Solutions, today announced the launch of a new FIX Protocol Regresion Test tool (FRT)

FRT provides all FIX users with both diagnostic and change management control of FIX infrastructure. It is highly effective reference client with means to capture and analyse specific sets of FIX messages for all trading counterparties and inturn to mimic any of these sessions in astructured and repeatable manner.

"Offering this product as a standalone application opens up new avenues for ONIX to increase their reach into an area which is under served and to facilitate a more cost effective and less onerous approach to FIX infrastructure management" said Robert Woodmansey, Managing Director.

FRT features include:

- Reference "gold standard" FIX client: The ability to run a series of FIX reference "gold standard" Session Level and Application Level test case scenarios to ensure conformance to the FIX 4.0-4.4 protocol specification.

- Benchmark and impact analysis: to establish "benchmark" message logs and automatically compare other test cases logs against these "benchmarks".

- Restricting and custom Test Cases: The ability to disable any of the reference Test Cases that are not applicable in a user specific context, and to provide additional test cases with custom fields and dependencies.

- Replay and stress testing: To capture the FIX message logs from these Test Profiles Test Cases and replay these messages thereby simulating the original participant message flows. This includes the user ability to extend and specialize the logged reference message logs with the addition of custom messages or custom tags within a message.

- Counter party validation: The ability to analyze message logs captured from FIX Test Cases and indicate compatibility, or incompatibility, between Buy-side and Sell-side firm FIX implementations.

- FIX Monitor: A flexible view to filter and highlight FIX messages. Significantly reduces the time for message flow analysis.

- Built-in Test Editor: A full-featured Test Editor with syntax highlighting and IntelliSense support significantly reduces time for test script development and modifications.

- Flexible choice of scripting languages: C# or any other .NET compatible programming language (e.g. Visual Basic .NET, Managed C++ or Delphi .NET) can be used for scripting.

- User-defined fields and messages support: Using the FIX Forge .NET FIX Engine powerful API the user is able to use custom messages and tags to create tests for wide variety of FIX dialects (custom implementations of FIX Protocol).

- Buy/Sell Side modes: The FIX Sessions can be started as Initiator or Acceptor.
Plug-ins: Test script can use any third-party DLL library or .NET assembly.

- Open-source samples : source code samples covers all basic scenarios of FRT usage.

- Middle ware transport support: The ability to send and receive messages via FIX and middle ware transports (TIBCO, .NET Remoting, IBM MQ Series, Smart Sockets) within the same test script

- Interaction with user: The ability to show custom Windows forms with questions or messages.

- MS Office integration: Test results may be sent to MS Word Excel or distributed via mail

- Scheduling. Tests may be conducted without any manual intervention according to a user defined schedule

"Delivering the highest quality tools to the market is our primary focus. Having used this in anger ourselves to complete certification with the Montreal Exchange in record time it is abundantly clear that we will not be the only business to benefit from this be they an exchange, broker, fund or ISV such as ourselves.