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Latest Addition to Web Client Stack Increases Audience for Online Fractal Maps

London, UK – 23 November 2005 – Fractal Edge today announced the release of its DHTML Web Client - a key edition to the Web Client Stack that is deployed in conjunction with Fractal:Server to give access to Fractal Maps through a Web browser. The DHTML Web Client works alongside the existing technologies in Fractal Edge’s Web Client Stack, the ActiveX and Mozilla plug-ins, to deliver interactive Fractal Maps to Web and intranet users whose browser or firewall permissions policies prohibit installation of these plug-ins.

Delivering the same fundamental benefits as the other layers in the Web Client Stack, Fractal Maps distributed through the DHTML Web Client provide business users with an intuitive and easy-to-navigate picture of their data in which hot-spots become instantly recognisable and can be targeted in just one or two clicks, giving them the confidence that crucial business decisions are truly informed and accurate and allowing them to make these decisions in as timely a manner as possible.

Leveraging standard HTML image map, Javascript and stylesheet functionality, the DHTML Web Client offers a "zero-download" alternative that will work on any Web browser and operating system platform from Internet Explorer running on Windows to Firefox or Opera running on Mac or Linux. The DHTML Web Client thereby ensures that Fractal Edge customers deploying Fractal Maps online can be confident that their entire user community is able to take advantage of Fractal Maps’ unique capabilities, whilst maintaining the option for individual users to install one of the more powerful Web Clients if they wish.

"The DHTML Web Client release is a great addition to the Fractal:Server distribution options and has allowed us to deliver highly functional Fractal Maps even to users sitting behind severe firewalls and other web browser restrictions. It was originally developed to satisfy the stringent compliance requirements of a major international banking client." said Gervase Clifton-Bligh, VP Product Strategy & Development, Fractal Edge. "Feedback from other customers confirmed that the addition of this Web Client will broaden the appeal of Fractal Maps for a wide range of similar Web-based applications, and we are pleased now to make it a generally available option in our enterprise product suite."