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Capco Reference Data Services introduces Global DivCast to help investment executives improve forecasts of future index and securities returns

New York and London, October 18, 2005 – Capco Reference Data Services, one of the leading providers of end-to-end reference data services to the top securities firms worldwide, announces the launch of its latest managed data solution, Global Dividend Forecasting (Global DivCast). Global DivCast helps investment executives, such as fund managers, portfolio analysts, traders, and investment advisors, by providing them with a consolidated source of dividend projection data. This data provides users with better index and securities forecasts to enhance trading decisions.

At present, these investment executives are hindered by the lack of future return data, prohibiting a full understanding and accurate forecast of the true return of an index or security, and limiting their ability to determine the expected success of an investment. The implications of having inaccurate and incomplete data are severe, resulting in poor investment decisions and reduced profits for the firm.

Global DivCast completes the gap between an investment’s historical return and its potential future return. The managed data solution provides a centralized source of dividend data that delivers up-to-date, accurate dividend projections for nearly all equities traded worldwide. The securities data is consolidated and validated by a team of highly skilled professionals at Capco Reference Data Services.

Global DivCast features include:

-A forecast of cash flows for a specific security
-Cash flows are calculated using historical and current dividends covering a period of 2-4 years
-Future cash flows are projected for a period of up to 10 years
-Cash flow forecasts are presented in terms of an amount per share
-Coverage of all securities tradable on major worldwide equity exchanges
-Regular and special dividend payments are included
-Forecast amounts are calculated for gross and net income
-Data is delivered before the market opens for the next business day
-Other key product information, including additional features, equity exchange coverage, data fields, and availability can be obtained by contacting CRDS.

"Investment decisions – and ultimately the success of an investment itself – are often hampered by an investor’s inability to understand the true future return of an index or security," said Predrag Dizdarevic, President of Capco Reference Data Services and Executive Vice President of Capco. "Global DivCast fills this significant gap by providing accurate forecast data and information, and allows investment executives to focus on improving the quality of their investments, as opposed to the quality of the data used in those investment decisions."