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Etrali launches JadeSuite

3 October 2005, London: Etrali, the leading provider of enterprise-integrated voice trading solutions to the financial community, today announced enhancement of JadeSuite, introducing a new version (V2), state-of-the-art range of administration, supervision and reporting software for Etradeal users, giving them total control over multiple systems through a single interface.

Oliver Bradford, Etrali software product manager, commented: "For more than ten years Etrali has distinguished itself by offering its customers the choice of managing their systems themselves or having them managed by Etrali. The introduction of the new version of JadeSuite provides a powerful and easy to use set of tools that further enhances our customers’ ability to be self sufficient in the configuration and management of their systems."

JadeSuite draws together several key applications into a single integrated suite, available in many languages, all with a user-friendly java interface.

All the modules can manage a large number of enterprise-wide communications platforms centrally and/or remotely, providing global management and visibility of trading activity.

· JadeManagement, a powerful tool for managing and configuring Etradeal voice trading systems is at the heart of JadeSuite. JadeManagement allows Etrali customers to restrict access and control of the voice trading system data by assigning a range of security permission levels to different users.

· JadeSupervision provides both real-time and historical system alarm notification and analysis from a single interface. The operating status of all installed equipment can also be monitored.

Firms with IT systems supervised by an SNMP manager can have messages sent from Etradeal via SNMP protocol. A thin client SNMP supervisor makes it possible to receive SNMP messages, in order to monitor and supervise Etradeal systems from a PC with internet access without the need for software installation.

· JadeRemoteMonitoring offers faster, preventative system maintenance functionalities: alarms are transmitted immediately to the Etrali remote monitoring centre, enabling faster reactions to emergencies.

· JadeAccounting is a reporting tool which accesses an archive database to deliver reports on call statistics and cost, which can be produced in a variety of standard and custom formats. Etrali also offers a consultancy service providing expert analysis of enterprise-wide communication platforms based on JadeAccounting reports.