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Rivercalm Launches Executive Coaching Division

Experienced team offer coaching programmes to enhance executive performance and corporate success

London, 19th July, 2005 – Rivercalm Executive Coaching, a division of Rivercalm Limited, today announced the formation of a team of qualified, professional executive coaches offering a range of individually tailored programmes to individuals and corporations across the United Kingdom.

Executive Coaching is increasingly recognised for the empowering benefits it brings to individuals and teams who are constantly facing the challenges of dealing with rapid changes to their internal and external business environments. Indeed, coaching as the method of choice has increased 6 times as fast as classroom based training in recent years.

Unlike training and education, both essential elements of professional development, Executive Coaching focuses on individual goal setting, outcome creation and change management particularly within the business environment. The Executive Coach provides a confidential process to enhance business performance and personal capability with noticeable improvements in the areas of people management, leadership, individual and team performance.

The new Rivercalm Executive Coaching team members are Liz Batup, Christine Birtles, John Blandford, Simon Horton, David Mackenzie and Chris Webbley. They draw on considerable experience in business, IT, programme and project management across industry. In addition they have worked with and use a number of the widely recognised coaching methodologies included NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Those who have benefited from Executive Coaching programmes identify appreciable results in the area of productivity, performance and personal satisfaction in both life and work and the achievement of personal and business goals. In fact, 92% of respondents believe that when coaching is applied appropriately, it can positively influence the bottom line.

"I was impressed with the degree of thoroughness and attention to detail that was put into the coaching programme for one of my senior managers. The whole background to the case was completely researched, a meaningful coaching programme put in place and feedback given at all the critical points of the process. The acid test was the response of the manager concerned - extremely positive and all this achieved within an affordable budget" comments Nick Cornwell, Managing Director, William Levene Ltd.

Jenny Swift, Managing Director of Rivercalm adds "We can all relate to the shifting sands of corporate life and the impact this has on everyone involved in business today. Whether as the owner of a company, the head of a division or a team leader, we recognise organisations can excel consistently only when individuals are able to perform at their very best. Our Executive Coaching team have already helped many people realise their true potential and succeed in today’s chaotic and demanding world. I am delighted to welcome such a highly respected team of professionals to our Executive Coaching Group."