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EUROMASTER Chooses ITESOFT.Freemind for Invoices to Process Supplier Invoices

FreeMind for Invoices will process 1.7 million invoices for EUROMASTER England, Germany, France, Holland and Switzerland

15 July 2005 - ITESOFT, the European automated data flow processing solution vendor, has announced that EUROMASTER has selected the ITESOFT.Freemind for Invoices solution for processing its supplier invoices from Germany, England, France, Holland and Switzerland.

A subsidiary of the MICHELIN group, EUROMASTER is the European market leader in vehicle maintenance (cars, motorbikes, 4x4s) with more than 12 million customers and 10 million tyres sold.

EUROMASTER, which has 12,800 employees and a turnover of EUR 1.8 billion in 2003, is developing a sizeable service network across Europe, in the UK, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden.

In 2002 EUROMASTER, in keeping with its strategy for technical innovation and its continuous drive for increased efficiency, launched the STENDHAL programme to improve its Back Office. The second phase of this project includes acquisition of a complete supplier invoice processing platform (automatic reading, DMS and Workflow).

The process initiated in 2002 led to a call for tender including the specific condition of testing the automated processing software solution on several hundred French and European invoices without any prior customisation. This aim of this performance test was to select the best technical solution out of the 4 competitors chosen.

"EUROMASTER's activity involves working with European suppliers that use electronic invoicing and many, changing local suppliers. We were therefore very keen to find a high-performance solution oriented towards Full-Text reading of invoices, as opposed to a template-based approach which would require a preliminary customisation phase for each supplier," states Dominique VALOGNE, Financial Director of EUROMASTER France.

He continued: "ITESOFT obtained the best success rate with respect to our specifications: our technological requirements with its Full-Text approach, geographical requirements with European coverage in all the countries directly concerned by the project, and ergonomic requirements because of the user friendliness of the tool."

In June 2005, this selection process led to the signing of a European framework contract with EUROMASTER Management Services. Step 1 will start with the setting up of the project in France, Switzerland and Germany.

The technical architecture chosen for this Europe-wide project is decentralised, as follows:

- Digitising of invoices at each reception site
- Centralised automatic reading of invoices at the Grenoble site
- Video-assisted correction and interactive processing in each country using CITRIX applications server architecture
- Automatic integration of data into CODA ERP