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Panopticon Signs Enterprise Wide Contract With Reuters

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, July 14/PRNewswire/ -- Panopticon Software (Panopticon), a member of the Hamsard Group, announced today that Reuters has signed an enterprise-wide deal to integrate Panopticon's visualisation treemap technology in its products. Reuters initial target group is around 100 000 users in the high and mid tier space.

"We are very excited by our global alliance with Reuters.
There has been an enormous increase in the amount of data that the sales and buy side need to screen and analyse and it is becoming increasingly difficult to make sense of it all fast enough. Adding treemaps to their products gives Reuters a unique position in the market," says Willem De Geer, CEO, Panopticon.

"By using Panopticon's treemap technology, Reuters customers are able to get a faster and more complete overview of their markets, identify opportunities, understand them more fully and react more quickly.
This means that Reuters customers' have one more significant edge in terms of performance. We believe that this will become the standard for how market data will be viewed in the future," says Leslie Stretch, CEO of the Hamsard Group.

Reuters assessed a number of visualisation vendors and Panopticon scored the highest in the tests performed. Paul Doody, Global Head of Sales & Trading Products, Reuters said: "We looked at ease of use, scalability, integration, platform flexibility and the ability to process data in real time and Panopticon was superior to all others."

- Ease of use: Data visualized by Panopticon's treemap technology presents itself logical and clear, enabling business professionals to reduce the time it takes to interpret market movements.

- Scalability: An extensive amount of market data can be managed at user-defined intervals, catering for the needs of ever-increasing market data traffic update rates.

- Integration: Panopticon technology proved how simple the integration with ActiveX components can be.

- Platform flexibility: Panopticon's SDK's availability in either Java, .Net, or COM/ActiveX form gives Reuters the freedom of choice when it comes to deploying as part of conventional or hosted products.

- Robustness: The ability of Panopticon's treemap technology to appropriately handle real-time updates comforted Reuters in its choice.

"Panopticon's treemap rendering capabilities will provide our clients with an innovative and efficient approach to better digesting the sheer amounts of market data and news Reuters supplies to the financial community." says Pascal Fuld, Head of Sales & Trading Central Product Management, Reuters.

"Including Panopticon's treemap technology in Reuters offering allows Reuters to take the lead in defining how market data will be viewed in the future. This will have a very positive impact on how our customers understand and react to events in the market." says Richard Martin, Head of Equity Desktop Business, EMEA.