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Delta 360 Inc. Launches New Canadian Lending Technology Provider

Toronto, Ontario (July 4, 2005)

Financial software industry veterans Bill Rudzitis, Brad Lawrence and Derek Cook today announced the formation of a new venture, Delta 360 Inc. Mr. Cook serves as the Company’s President; Mr. Rudzitis and Mr. Lawrence serve as Vice-Presidents. The Company will be headquartered in Toronto, ON, Canada.
Delta 360 Inc. delivers a suite of software products targeted at financial lending solutions, specifically for the mortgage technology space. Initial products will include: Renewal Management, Mortgage Servicing and Securitization, as well as, Professional Services. The Company is founded on the following fundamental notions regarding the solutions that it provides:

• Time to Market – business knowledge combined with an advanced technology platform provides the ability to quickly deliver to the intended market
• ASP Model – utilizing an ASP model allows for lower cost given a minimal initial investment, lower risk by allowing for the utilization of expert offsite hosting and access to specialized IT personnel
• Flexible Products – to meet the evolving business needs of today the solution must be highly flexible and extensible
• Enterprise Class – all solutions must be scalable, robust and secure
• Domain Knowledge – building on an in-depth knowledge of the client’s business process and needs is key – Technology is only used as a tool to support the solution delivery

The three founders of Delta 360 Inc. previously were partners of Kelon Computer Corp., which provided consulting and development support to the financial services industry since 1985. In 2001, Kelon Computer Corp. was acquired by Filogix Inc., a premier technology provider of solutions to Canada's real estate and mortgage-related industries. This wealth of knowledge and experience, plus a proven track record of delivering, is brought to Delta 360 Inc. by all three founders.