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Stater performs credit checks on mortgage applicants with Human Inference software

Stater, service provider for mortgage brokers, has decided to implement the data quality software of Human Inference. Stater uses HIquality Identify and HIquality Enrich to perform credit checks on mortgage applicants. This enables mortgage suppliers to process applications more efficiently, quickly and accurately.

Stater supports mortgage brokers in selling, processing and securing their mortgage portfolios. The International Stater Mortgage System (iSmS) processes over one million mortgage loans. As part of the mortgage proceedings, Stater checks with the Bureau of Credit Registration (BCR) whether applicants are creditworthy. Stater applies HIquality Identify of Human Inference to be able to compare automatically generated information with the data of the BCR. In addition Stater uses HIquality Enrich to add the correct credit information to customer data.

"Every mortgage application has to be checked on credit rating with the BCR", says Mirjam Breekelmans, director operations at Stater. "This is important, but very time-consuming and labor intensive. By adding the Human Inference solutions to the Stater Mortgage System, fraud can be prevented in mortgage applications. In addition, our customers are now able to process applications more quickly and efficiently. This gives them the opportunity to process more applications annually".

"Using our automated natural language-based interpretation in matching processes our customers achieve higher quality at lower cost. Stater, an organization growing rapidly, has implemented this modern technology in its process of mortgage applications within a very short period of time", says Hans Ruigrok, vice president sales at Human Inference.