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TestStrategist®Project, Cresta’s test management and reporting application, won the "Most Effective Use of IT in Professional Services" award at the Information Age Effective IT Awards on 23rd June. Over 400 companies were competing for awards across 13 categories, and judges included the CIOs of Barclays and British Airways and the CTO of easyGroup.

Cresta, a specialist independent software testing consultancy, developed TestStrategist Project to provide instant visibility of the health of a software project from a testing perspective, with evident benefits in terms of planning, decision-making, quality-assurance, and process improvement.


Edgar Smith, Head of Research and Development at Cresta, outlined what he saw as the winning formula: "From the start, development was based on a very strong ROI proposition. We built an application to cut testing risks, improve project management and quality, and ultimately reduce costs. It’s a great story about an application initially designed to support our consultancy projects that has solved these problems so well it has since found a market in its own right."

As well as having been used on Cresta’s projects with companies like Fujitsu and BP, TestStrategist Project has been purchased in its own right and used by organisations including Vodafone, egg, and GSK.


The award acknowledged not only the effectiveness of the application but also the way in which it was built. Edgar explained that, "As you might expect from a company that specialises in helping to deliver quality applications, TestStrategist Project was built following the same Agile development model we recommend to others. This award is solid proof of a successful outcome."

Development was built around people with a clear knowledge of the business requirements and an understanding of the challenges the application needed to solve. As a result, the functionality is precise and to the point: focused on solving issues in the most efficient way possible.


According to Edgar, "TestStrategist Project has proven to be especially useful in situations where there is a pressing need for up-to-date, reliable management information on development progress, for example where companies are managing offshore resources or monitoring 3rd party contractors. As outsourcing increases, the need for this product will become even clearer."

In the near future Cresta plans to adapt TestStrategist Project to work with the innovative TestPoints route to managed testing, where a client pays for work completed rather than man-hours. So there is every chance that this will not be the only award won by TestStrategist.