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Reliable Tick-by-Tick Coverage of Metals and Energy Market Prices To Leverage’s Real-time Analytics and Risk Management Capabilities

NEW YORK, May 17, 2005 - Imagine Software, the leading provider of full-service hosted trading and risk management solutions for the global financial industry, today announced it has entered into agreements with the New York Mercantile Exchange to provide real-time energy and precious metals market data to users of >From its full-service hosted solution, Imagine customers are now able to capture NYMEX and COMEX transactions and precisely analyze computation-intensive market risks across all major asset classes, eliminating the need for disparate vendor systems.

Building on the breadth and depth of its leading edge analytics and intra day risk management functionalities, now provides alternative investment companies with a single solution across all trading desks to mitigate the risks associated with the introduction of new asset classes and trading strategies. Sector-based traders can factor real-time energy and metals prices into 'what-if' scenarios to rapidly assess and execute investment, hedging and speculation strategies to maximize profits and sustain capital growth. The system also enables traders to calculate real-time Mark-to-Market and P&L analyses of portfolios containing NYMEX and COMEX traded instruments.

As a result, Imagine enables an alternative investment company to consolidate its entire trading portfolio into one robust system, satisfying investor demands for increased transparency and regulatory requirements for improved reporting processes.

"With the inclusion of real-time NYMEX and COMEX data, has expanded on its already robust independently maintained market data, which includes real-time prices for most markets around the world, corporate actions data feeds, real-time yield curves and a complete global security master of all listed instruments and convertibles," says Steven Harrison, President of Imagine Software. "As a result, now provides our customers with real-time pricing and risk management across all major asset types, instruments and markets."

Imagine continues to be the only derivatives trading and risk management vendor that offers a full-service hosted solution, which provides the benefits of software on demand. It ensures immediate global accessibility and rapid time to market at minimal cost.