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Monitoring of Multiple Middleware Systems Enabled by Nastel's New 'Expert' Modules

SAP, Biztalk and DataStage Monitoring Modules Created

New York, 17th March, 2005 – Nastel Technologies, the provider of performance monitoring and automation software for application integration within the Enterprise Systems Management (ESM) sector, today announced an extension of the monitoring capabilities of its AutoPilot product with the release of its AutoPilot Experts for SAP, Biztalk and DataStage.

Nastel’s SAP, Biztalk and DataStage modules operate as a non-intrusive monitoring function that capture real-time information on the status of business processes. Using a single AutoPilot dashboard middleware processes across the enterprise are visible on demand. Such rich functionality enables AutoPilot to correlate events from SAP, Biztalk and DataStage and disparate systems, and allows operators to apply user-specified business rules, policies, thresholds and conditions for total control. This modular approach to integration results in a single solution that spans many disparate middleware infrastructures for an easy to use and easy to integrate approach to monitoring the enterprise.

Nastel’s AutoPilot Suite of software products helps companies achieve greater business agility by automating the monitoring and management of the Real-Time Infrastructures (RTI) that power integrated business applications. Long known as the leader is the management of WebSphere MQ, Nastel has continued to extend AutoPilot’s monitoring capabilities with the additional Expert modules, and also the recently announced TIBCO and Oracle modules from its Expert series. The plug-ins allow the user to monitor virtually any middleware system through a single interface, and the Oracle monitoring module is to be fully deployed at Connecticut-based People’s Bank. The plug-ins now available are:

AutoPilot Expert for Microsoft BizTalk
AutoPilot Expert for DataStage TX
AutoPilot Expert for SAP Business Connector
AutoPilot Expert for TIBCO EMS
AutoPilot Expert for Oracle Database

AutoPilot Expert for SAP, Biztalk and DataStage enable the end-to-end visibility and instant drill down to any specific component of business services. This allows the user to extend their monitoring capabilities beyond the boundaries of any one system. The AutoPilot Expert modules read key runtime information based on numerous metrics from each infrastructure. This information is then published to AutoPilot where it can be used to generate events and alerts and can be correlated with metrics or events from any other system being monitored – such as a database, and application or another middleware system.

The Expert products for SAP, Biztalk and DataStage TX were developed by Response; a Netherlands based company specializing in the integration and management of distributed middleware products. Nastel is now going to resell these 3 modules to a global market.

"Dynamic business models create vast quantities of data that can reside in many different parts of the organization, at different physical locations and in a variety of business processes and databases. Bringing that data together in a way that creates efficient, timely and secure processing of business practices is vital. This connectivity of multiple data points and the monitoring of the business processes are now possible with the use of "Experts" developed by Response and designed to plug-in to the power of Nastel's AutoPilot solution. Users have confirmed the benefits and we are delighted with the results." Henry Houët, Founder and CEO Response B.V.

David Mavashev, CEO at Nastel Technologies comments: "The real value of the architecture of Nastel’s AutoPilot it is that it enables quick and easy development of connectors for the myriad of middleware technologies found across the multi-platform enterprises common in so many organizations today. Working with Response we have proven the speed and efficiency with which we can deliver new monitoring modules using AutoPilot. Our goal has always been to offer the most comprehensive range of monitoring tools available in the market today and I am delighted that we continue to lead the way in this regard."