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New Spectrum Management service is launched

17 March 2005: As the explosive growth of licence-exempt wireless services such as WiFi, increases the need for local spectrum management, CDS Ltd, the independent specialist in wireless communications, has announced its new Spectrum Management service.

CDS' Spectrum Management service, based on the company's Total Airspace Management(tm) methodology, comprises three stages:

· Definition of operating policies and procedures for the management of existing, upgraded or new wireless systems within a specified area

· Audit and recording of existing system types

· Implementation and operation of the defined solution

The service is appropriate for all owners of buildings, locations, or environments, where public and private wireless services are offered. This includes shopping centres, airports, sports complexes, stadia, hospitals, local government offices, and higher and further education establishments.

CDS has developed the Spectrum Management service to address the increasing number of requests from landlords, tenants and service providers to provide a solution which manages the installation and operation of wireless telecommunications systems within a defined airspace environment. The Meadowhall Centre in Sheffield is a case example where CDS is designing a Spectrum Management policy that will address the needs specific to Meadowhall. Mark Higgins, Head of IT at Meadowhall Centre said, "Meadowhall wants to protect the technology investments made by the centre and its tenants. Ad-hoc installation and expansion of wireless infrastructure can cause disruption and increases the risk of mutual interference, which could affect tenants' businesses and the consumer experience. With the help of CDS' Total Airspace Management solution, we can address the problems caused by the loss of control of the wireless airspace in the centre, the effect of 'rogue' systems and their failure to comply with wireless-related legislation."

Simon Saunders, Chief Executive Officer, CDS, said "The radio spectrum is very congested, and the proliferation of new wireless services and technologies is simply going to add to the challenges and problems. The efficient management and sharing of radio spectrum, including the licence-exempt spectrum used by most wireless LANs is essential to ensure minimal interference to wireless users and to provide the highest quality of service."

The wireless communications market has seen tremendous growth and the emergence of WiMAX - reported to become the third most widely used high-speed Internet access technology - is expected to further this. Although WiMAX needs to prove its capabilities, with the increasing number of service providers, interference within the same frequency will need attention.

"Ofcom's vision for spectrum management is for market forces to play an increasingly important role in determining how spectrum is used", continued Saunders. "With newly available spectrum being released into the market and the increasing likelihood that spectrum will be held by those who can make best use of it, we believe that our Spectrum Management service will help the control and management of airspace within a defined wireless environment."

CDS' Spectrum Management service delivers a wide range of benefits which include:

· Regular monitoring and consistent management of all wireless systems within a defined area

· Taking control of a valuable revenue-generating asset

· Usage monitoring for planned upgrades to maintain optimum performance

· Minimising interference risks

· Compliance with best practice in radio frequency health and safety

CDS has also recently won a contract valued at £230,000 with Ofcom to undertake a research project into improving spectrum efficiency for UK businesses and will lead a consortium of wireless industry experts including BAA, BAE Systems, Cardiff University, NERA, Roke Manor Research and the Smith Institute.