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PolarLake Awarded Patent for Dynamic XML Runtime (DXR) Server

US patent recognises unique architecture for Enterprise Service Bus-based integration suite

Dublin, Ireland, 2nd November 2004 - PolarLake, a leader in standards-based incremental integration, has been awarded US Patent 6795854 for "an operating system for structured processing", the core architecture of the company’s Dynamic XML Runtime™ (DXR) Server.

The PolarLake DXR Server forms a central part of the company’s integration suite, providing high-performance routing and transformation of XML messages, and integrating with enterprise infrastructure such as queuing systems, relational databases and legacy or business applications. The newly patented technology covers unique processes and architecture of the PolarLake DXR server, including:

Ø Specific methods by which the DXR connects into one or more transports, invokes Request Processes and calls components

Ø The ability to process multiple messages in parallel, delivering performance benefits and allowing one-to-many and many-to-one message transformations

Ø The streams-based architecture and dynamic way in which the server provides services and invokes components in the XML Circuit

"The award of a US patent clearly demonstrates the uniqueness of our DXR server and reflects our ongoing commitment to develop market leading solutions for incremental integration," said Ronan Bradley, CEO of PolarLake. "PolarLake is focused on delivering customers the benefits of standards-based integration, with products that readily leverage existing IT investments and allow integration to take place a department at a time, minimising risk while future-proofing for emerging systems and technologies."