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Apama Upgrades Technology to Further Increase First Mover Advantage

Latest Enhancements Allow Customers to Manage Increasingly Complex and Powerful Trading Strategies More Rapidly

London, 25 October, 2004 – Apama (UK) Limited, pioneer of next-generation Trading Strategy Management (TSM) technologies, today announced its latest enhancements to the Apama Event Modeler, its intuitive, graphical trader-based tool for composing, modifying, deploying and interacting with algorithmic trading strategies. The developments will allow Apama’s buy and sell side customers to further improve their electronic algorithmic trading performance by enabling them to take advantage of market opportunities more quickly and efficiently. The latest version of the Apama Event Modeler combines the company’s scheduled in-house development enhancements with new functionality requests from Apama’s rapidly growing customer base, including leading investment banks ABN AMRO, Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan.

John Bates, CTO and co-founder, Apama says: "In the highly competitive trading space algorithmic trading strategies must evolve as quickly as the market. Traditional ‘hard wired’ or ‘black-box’ trading solutions prohibit change. The beauty of the Apama ‘white box’ system is that it provides a completely open platform, which can be adapted easily to take advantage of the latest technology developments. This gives our customers continuous first mover advantage."

At the heart of Apama’s Event Modeler, Scenario Manager provides a graphical composition environment for trading strategies. New functionality includes a Smart Block Library for Program Trading and a Smart Block Builder. Smart Blocks are flexible components that can be plugged into a trading strategy to provide real-time trading indicators and order management functions. With the new enhancements, users can automatically select a comprehensive set of Smart Blocks that are immediately available from within the strategy and plug together a wide range of complex trading strategies more easily and efficiently. In addition, a copy-paste capability has been added to Scenario Manager so that new trading strategies can be rapidly constructed by plugging together relevant pieces of existing structure.

Event Modeler’s Dashboard Framework enables strategies to be automatically deployed as web-based applications. The Apama Dashboard Wizard, that allows users to specify presentation details of their run-time strategy before deploying it on the Web, has been enhanced. The wizard’s newly enriched functionality now enables the user to automate even more powerful strategies, for improved cost and time-savings.

In addition, Apama plans to offer customers of its full-function product an optional Back-testing suite. This will link the Apama Event Modeler to historic data stores; enabling historical data to flow through the user’s trading strategies. In this way users will be able to leverage their historical data and blend stored and live data for research or back-testing purposes.

Peter Beard, CEO, Apama, says: "The latest enhancements to the Apama Event Modeler are in-keeping with our roadmap and our promises to customers. Our vision is that through clever design, increasing trading capability can be made intuitively available to trading experts across asset class. We continue to deliver on this vision to provide next-generation graphical business tools that can help to set tier one financial institutions, and their customers, ahead of the competition."