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Raft International launches version 2.0 of raft credit at the IECA Annual Conference 2004

Consolidates Raft’s position as the leading provider of enterprise-wide credit risk management solutions to the Energy markets

Houston, Texas – 11th October 2004 – Raft International plc will launch raft credit v2 at the International Energy Credit Association’s (IECA) 80th Annual conference in San Antonio 10-13th October.

raft credit v2 has adopted the industries leading technologies to create a brand new, highly intuitive and flexible user interface. raft credit v2 also incorporates interactive data visualization techniques that simplify complex data analysis and allow credit professionals and executives to quickly identify risk concentrations.

Raft is also launching 5 new modules: raft analytics, raft executive dashboard, raft watch, raft scoring and raft legal.

raft analytics creates the capability to analyze the credit portfolio under various scenarios. Typical calculations would include Credit VaR (CVaR) and
Potential Future Exposure (PFE). Additional stress testing involving both parallel and non parallel price movements are facilitated within this module.

raft executive dashboard provides a high level summary view of all credit related information directed towards executive management, commercial management, board of directors and audit committees. The dashboard enables timely, meaningful reporting to executive levels within the organization
using an interactive, graphical interface.

raft watch provides early warning signs that can contribute to a change in creditworthiness of a counterparty, specifically: share prices, default
probabilities, bond spreads, credit spreads, downgrades, upgrades, SEC filings and news items. When a significant change occurs that meets the defined watch parameters the system will notify the user

raft scoring offers a qualitative and quantitative blend of counterparty credit analysis and scoring models. It uses a standardized but modifiable format for annual and quarterly financial information that can be either hand-keyed or downloaded from various vendor sources. Multi period counterparty financials
form the basis for a series of user determined ratios and trend analysis.

raft legal provides for the safe storage and quick retrieval of legal documentation which is specific to the credit department. raft legal archives scanned images, and electronic versions of all legal agreements, allows clause comparisons to be made and provides users with the ability to manage contract negotiation. Powerful search facilities allow particular clauses to be found instantly.

raft credit v2 also provides an enhanced set of tools to simplify and speed up the take on of data from underlying trading systems.

Pete Pavluk, President of the Credit Division at Raft International said "raft credit is already the most functionally rich product available in the market place. The launch of version 2.0 and the new modules consolidates Raft’s position as the clear leader in the energy credit risk space."