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FIX Protocol Ltd. Announces the Launch of New Website

September 15, 2004 - FIX Protocol Limited ("FPL") is pleased to announce the launch of its re-developed website. FPL's website has served as the primary communications vehicle for the FIX Protocol since the protocol's inception. The new site has a new, crisp, clean look, restructured and enhanced menus and screen displays, and a completely overhauled, modernized website infrastructure. The end result is a more functional FIX website with improved performance and increased flexibility.

Last year, FPL recognized that while its website was functional, significant capability enhancements were required and the site's infrastructure needed to change from a legacy file-based system to that of a modern database system. The primary goals were to improve the look and feel, upgrade the infrastructure, and make enhancements to the previous site's content and capabilities. Some changes that have occurred include the overhaul of the Discussion Forums and addition of full search capabilities, reorganization of technical documentation and specifications section, and inclusion of acceptable use and privacy policies. In addition, FPL is now able to provide individuals who are affiliated with FPL Member firms with special privileges.

This release represents the first phase of the FIX website overhaul. Throughout the coming months there will be additional functional improvements as well as expanded content. FPL's Global Steering Committee is taking steps to try to enhance the benefits surrounding FPL Membership while at the same time balancing the fundamental philosophy of keeping the protocol open and free. FPL believes that the new website will serve as the platform for future initiatives, as the protocol continues to expand both globally and across product lines.

The FIX Protocol website has been hosted and serviced by Angel Networks for several years. FPL contracted with Angel Networks to develop this new website with Angel's Nic Wolff serving as the primary programmer. The project has been jointly sponsored by FPL’s Global Technical Committee and Global Education and Marketing Committee. Scott Atwell (American Century), Jim Northey (Jordan & Jordan), and John Harris (BondMart Technologies) made significant contributions to the redesign.