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iProof Launches Unique Safe Messaging Service

Safe, secure emailing with automatic compliance reporting became a reality this month when iProof Ltd launched their unique Safe Message service. Extending safety and management control to any email address, iProof has established new measures for the delivery of email messages safely and securely without users needing to download any software or make any changes to existing email clients.

iProof has launched the first, publicly available Safe Messaging Service. This uses any existing email address and creates a personal, private, and discrete Message Inbox on the secure system. It works like a bank escrow deposit box.

You don’t send messages, you deposit them into your own personal escrow account on the iProof secure system. Only an invited recipient can collect them (after they have identified themselves).

The new system adds Three Pillars of Safety and Compliance to existing email messaging:

·All users are uniquely identified, there are no anonymous users.

·Messages are placed in escrow and managed in a secure environment.

An evidence quality non-editable Audit Trail is established for every message allowing compliance reporting automatically.

iProof adds all of the encryption, internet tunnelling and audit trails that are needed for safe, discrete and trusted messaging to other authenticated people. The technology is hidden from users at all times. Spam, spoofing, phishing and a host of other internet nasties are either totally eliminated or severely restricted by using this service. This is a major difference from the uncontrolled public email systems currently in use.

The Audit Trail allows users to track and manage those same messages and their attachments and provides the basic information for compliancy with critical legislation such as Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Patriot Act, RIPA and the UK Data Protection Act.

The iProof Safe Message service allows users, once they have established the necessary security information, to send messages with total discretion to anyone else. Recipients may be company members, trading partners or private contacts, as security and compliance measures are maintained automatically. If they are not already a registered user with iProof, recipients will get a message 'in the clear' advising that they have been sent a safe message and providing them with a link to that message so they can register and retrieve it.