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Medved QuoteTracker and Trade-Ideas Bring Advanced Real-Time Streaming Alerts to 60,000 Active Traders in Latest Partnership

San Diego, CA - Trade-Ideas, the premier provider of idea generation and real-time statistical analytics to retail and institutional traders, brokers, and hedge funds, announced today a partnership with Medved QuoteTracker (QT), the leader in technical analysis software integrated with leading electronic brokers. The result showcases the complete integration of Trade-Ideas’ streaming alerts within Medved’s QuoteTracker application. QuoteTracker traders can now monitor the entire market for unique actionable trading opportunities in real-time.

Everything from 52 week highs and lows on high volume or unusual volatility as well as advanced pattern recognition algorithms are accessible with minimal set up. Subscribers can easily direct Trade-Ideas to watch either the entire market or their personal QT Portfolio or ‘Watchlist’.

The partnership allows Medved QuoteTracker to continually deliver on its reputation of leading technology and trader support at the highest level of service and at the lowest possible cost. Jerry Medved, Chief Executive Officer at Medved QuoteTracker explains, "We are very excited about the integration of Trade-Ideas features into QuoteTracker. It adds an unparalleled level of functionality to our clients. A must have feature."

David Aferiat, Director of business development explained the essence of the integration. "Selecting a stock symbol from an integrated QuoteTracker Trade-Ideas alert window instantly populates charts, order entry, and any other linked items. Two clicks now take an integrated user from idea to execution. An improved user experience is just one of the benefits. QuoteTracker integrated brokers stand to gain as traders shorten the distance spanning idea, decision and execution to just two clicks. Combining the two products in this way takes time out of set-up, repetitive keystrokes into valuable decision and evaluation activities." Dan Mirkin, Managing Partner at Trade-Ideas continued, "Today’s markets are becoming increasingly competitive as quant-based, automated trading systems used by institutions and hedge funds become pervasive. While everyone is chasing liquidity, Trade-Ideas users gain a competitive edge by having the ability to scan every stock, index, E-mini, and ETF for unusual volatility and volume opportunities previously unseen. The markets are evolving and we are evolving with them - adding functionality that today’s traders need to compete and win. Our market research tells us that traders look to brokers for idea generation and research primarily followed by quality execution services. Medved QuoteTracker proves itself as a leader in the marketplace by addressing these needs and putting Trade-Ideas inside its superior platform. We could not be more pleased with the results."