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InterSystems Ensemble Positioned in Visionaries Quadrant in Application Platform Suite Magic Quadrant

InterSystems Corporation has announced that the company is positioned in the Visionaries Quadrant in Gartner, Inc.’s Application Platform Suite (APS) Magic Quadrant.

InterSystems provides high performance software products that enable rapid application development, integration and deployment for IT organisations and independent software vendors. Gartner, Inc., headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, is a world leader in IT market research.

InterSystems’ positioning in the APS Magic Quadrant as of June, 2004 is based on its Ensemble universal integration platform. Released worldwide in 4Q03, Ensemble is a comprehensive platform that uniquely incorporates the functionality of an integration server, application server, high performance object database and a unified development and management environment in a single, architecturally consistent product.

To be included in the APS Magic Quadrant, vendors must offer the abilities to:

· Deploy new programmatically reusable data-facing business software;
· Integrate the new software with pre-existing software;
· Integrate multiple pre-existing business applications between themselves;
· Deploy new custom-developed user-facing software.

"The real underlying driver for inclusion of a vendor in the APS Magic Quadrant," the report continues, "is the recognition by users that the vendor offers a competitive alternative to other APS offerings - both technically and in its business positioning."

According to Gartner, Inc., "visionaries have a clear vision of market direction and are focused on preparing for that, but they can still improve in terms of optimising service delivery."

In addition to Ensemble, InterSystems develops and markets the CACHÉ post-relational database. "From our perspective InterSystems’ positioning in the Visionaries Quadrant in the Gartner, Inc. APS Magic Quadrant reflects the combination of innovation and extensive experience in building robust, feature-rich, enterprise-scale software that went into the development of Ensemble," says Trevor Matz, InterSystems managing director, application integration. "Ensemble integration projects are being successfully implemented worldwide, providing concrete proof that our universal integration platform is fulfilling real-world market requirements."