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KTS offers free two-week trial of MarketTerminal to the UK's AIM CEOs

KTS is a technology and software company which provides real time market data and information predominantly to the UK’s financial institutions. Our market data application allows individuals to follow the latest price movements, news announcements and various other data on AIM, the London Stock Exchange, and other European and North American Exchanges via an Internet connection. I am writing to offer you a free access subscription to our product during the month of August.

I am sure you would agree that current market conditions are highly uncertain and everyone is holding their breath to await the development of a clearer trend. The bear market of the last four years finally gave way to a more buoyant first half allowing for a flurry of new issues – 129 companies listed on AIM during the period, bringing the total number to 846. With funds being diverted into new issues and away from second-hand shares, small cap share prices will inevitably be impacted. We are also witnessing a high level of consolidation amongst smaller companies – all developments worthwhile monitoring and keeping an eye on.

We are a specialist provider of professional market data services which allow you to do just that. We are offering all CEO's and Finance Directors of AIM quoted companies free access to our service for a two-week period during the month of August. Our MarketTerminal application is provided over the Internet and can be accessed without the installation of any software, hardware, data or infrastructure at your end. This minimises the involvement of the IT department. MarketTerminal delivers real-time prices, news and analytics to your desktop or laptop computer, allows you to view historical data (10-20 years), fundamentals with profit/loss history, five years of regulatory news announcements and much more. Level 2 access reveals the individual market maker quotes and our times & sales history allows you to see every trade that has been reported over the past six months.

There are many more functions and interesting data available for you to explore during your free access period. To activate your free MarketTerminal account, simply return the completed activation form by fax please reply to this email with your contact details including your preferred email address and contact telephone number. Once activated, we will send you an email to confirm the logon details - it's as simple as that.

I hope you will enjoy your free MarketTerminal access,