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Bloor Research identifies PolarLake as market leader in real-time XML and Web Services solutions for Financial Services

(Dublin, 5th July 2004) Bloor Research and a panel of leading independent industry experts recently concluded: “PolarLake can be considered market leaders in their field and should appear on the target list of all Financial Services firms looking for quality Web Services.”

In December 2003, City Compass, an independent facilitator of contemporary market issues in financial services, conducted a benchmarking exercise to establish the effect Enterprise Application Integration and Web Services has on financial organisations. As part of the benchmarking exercise, a panel of leading independent industry experts reviewed answers to an in-depth questionnaire presented to participating vendors followed by a technical analysis conducted by Bloor Research.

In a follow-up report from Bloor Research, the Analyst firm stated: “The technology score of [Polarlake's] product achieved an unusually high degree of competence in meeting the expectation of the industry user panel. PolarLake can be considered market leaders in their field and should appear on the target list of all Financial Services firms looking for quality Web Services”.

Other key findings from the report include:

-PolarLake’s products are suitable where out-of-the-box standards-based integration solutions are required

-PolarLake’s products should be able to deliver rapid Return on Investment by focusing on solving high value business problems with a standards-based approach that can evolve and expand with the needs of the organisation

-[PolarLake’s] run-time server and XML circuits provide the ability to integrate at both the technology and application level

-[PolarLake] is a scalable, highly per formant and auditable solution
Its product set would be an ideal choice in the implementing of real-time STP solutions or B2B solutions, whether it is in the back office, middle office or front office, where there already exists considerable investment in infrastructure and systems.

PolarLake™ is a leader in standards-based incremental integration and provides a complete suite of products (PolarLake Integration Suite) for implementing XML and Web Services-based solutions, including those based on the Enterprise Service Bus architecture.

PolarLake Integration Suite V4.0 will be released at the end of July 2004. The latest version of PolarLake’s product suite will provide support for Business Activity Management (BAM) and business process orchestration based on the BPEL4WS standard to deliver all the capabilities of high-end EAI products within a light‑footprint, standards-based infrastructure supporting incremental integration.