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MBA Launches FIXeasy

MBA Systems, leading software supplier to the securities industry, has launched FIXeasy, a high performance FIX engine that supports multiple FIX dialogues, versions and communication interfaces. Combined with MBA’s high level support and securities expertise, FIXeasy is a reliable system that integrates easily with other parts of the broker’s/firm’s business to support the trading of a range of asset classes, including equities, fixed income, derivatives, swaps and IOIs. It also scales easily to support increased trade volumes.

Supporting FIX protocol versions 4.0 to 4.4, FIXeasy enables the automatic transfer or routing of messages required for securities trading. It offers outstanding performance being capable of over 4,000 messages per second.

The engine’s threaded implementation means that it can be it can be installed across several servers to ensure reliability by providing load-balanced performance in normal circumstances and fail-safe operation in the event of hardware defect. It allows for multiple FIX dialogues to take place simultaneously, even when different dialogues are configured with various versions of FIX. Furthermore, because it implements per-connection business logic, it allows for multiple processes to take place simultaneously.

“Because FIXeasy comes with our high level consultancy and support, customers can be confident that they will have a powerful FIX messaging tool that will integrate easily with other parts of their business,” says Mike Bradford, managing director of MBA Systems, “It is ideal for use with order routing and management systems.”

For further information please contact:

MBA Systems
Telephone: 01962 841494