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Central National Bank of Enid (CNB) implements Mosaic Software's Postilion for multi-bank ATM Driving and Debit Card Management

Postilion at CNB drives ATMs for 25 financial institutions and provides debit card management services for over 60 different card programs

Mosaic Software, the global transaction processing solutions provider, today
announced that Oklahoma based Central National Bank of Enid (CNB) has installed Mosaic's industry leading Postilion software to provide ATM driving, transaction switching and routing as well as card management for a multi-bank network of ATMs/card issuers.

CNB, known in the marketplace as the 'One Central Source for all your banking needs' and for having a modern approach to providing new products and services, has installed the Postilion system to handle all aspects of ATM transaction processing and debit card management. Mosaic Software's solution for CNB runs in a familiar Windows environment with multiple interfaces to core banking systems, to the Pulse and Star networks and various other systems. In addition, Mosaic's Postilion system provides CNB with a highly scalable and open architecture that permits easy implementation of new products to be delivered through the ATMs.

The Postilion PostCard component of the system is used at CNB for debit card
management and provides:
* Complete services for 25 issuers and more than 60 different card programs.
* Stand-in balance capability for 1 issuer and full authorisation for the rest of the issuers.
* Card production files in various formats for different card production companies.
* An interface to an in-house stored value card system.

Detailed reporting as well as automated settlement and reconciliation for all 25 issuers, networks and interfaces is handled by the Postilion Office component of the system.

CNB President and CEO R.S. (Brud) Baker stated, "We are excited about the
additional features and reliability that Mosaic Software's Postilion system
brings to our cardholders and to our correspondent bank customers. It is a
source of pride to upgrade our Anytime Bank Network with the benefits of the
latest and best technology."

"It was a pleasure to work with Central National Bank on this project. The
professionalism and technical skills exhibited by their staff assured a smooth and rapid implementation." stated Johann Dreyer, CEO at Mosaic Software. "Furthermore the multi-bank environment that CNB is running serves
to highlight the flexibility and capabilities of our Postilion system".