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Built on leading Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Sonic Suite provides comprehensive infrastructure for Event-Driven Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

SLOUGH — June 8, 2004 — Sonic Software, the inventor and leading provider of
the enterprise service bus (ESB), today announced the availability of its updated Sonic Business Integration Suite™. The Sonic Business Integration Suite is built on the world’s leading ESB. This release takes advantage of the Sonic Continuous Availability Architecture™, recently announced in Sonic ESB™ 5.5, to provide unmatched availability of services across the bus. This release also improves the overall installation and usability experience of the product line.

"Businesses are looking to standardise on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) to enable their IT systems to respond rapidly to changing business conditions and market opportunities. Products that help them achieve this goal today, while providing enterprise-grade functionality, will be the winners," said Gordon Van Huizen, CTO of Sonic Software. "Based on our market-leading ESB, the Sonic Business Integration Suite provides the most comprehensive SOA integration platform on the market."

"Having delivered the industry’s first dynamic, distributed architecture for service-oriented integration in 2002, we have been able to move on to advanced functionality such as Continuous Availability Architecture, while other vendors sort out the design of their 1.0 products," continued Van Huizen.

The Sonic Business Integration Suite includes:
Sonic ESB, an advanced enterprise service bus that enables companies to integrate applications across the extended enterprise using a standards-based, service-oriented architecture (SOA);

Sonic Orchestration Server™, which extends the intelligent routing capabilities of the enterprise service bus to facilitate the modeling, execution and management of automated business processes, coupled with human interaction, across the extended enterprise;

Sonic XML Server™, which provides flexible, scalable and optimised XML processing, storage, and query services for integration projects throughout the ESB-enabled enterprise;

Sonic Integration Workbench™, an architect’s and developer’s workbench for exposing applications, creating services, orchestrating business processes and testing those processes prior to deployment with products in the Sonic Business Integration Suite; and

Adapters for Sonic ESB, which enable service-based interactions with over 250 types of applications and systems including: prepackaged applications (e.g. SAP and PeopleSoft), B2B systems (e.g. EDI, SWIFT, HIPAA, etc.), mainframe applications, and legacy data systems.

The Sonic Business Integration Suite is available immediately. For supported platforms and additional information, please visit the product page on the Sonic Web site.