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ePulse Launches Sentinel Plus for Reuters RMDS Platform

ePulse announces that it has installed its latest version of SentinelPlus at the London offices of one of the biggest corporations in the world. SentinelPlus has been installed at the client site for some time where it is used to manage the client’s global MTRS platform. The latest release allows the system to also monitor and manage the clients Reuters RMDS that is an upgrade to their Triarch system. SentinelPlus now monitors servers running a wide range of the clients front office systems.

SentinelPlus allows systems administrators to proactively and intelligently manage business critical applications. This greatly assists support staff in preventing potential crisis type situations before they happen. It comes with a sophisticated but easy to use alerts engine. A wide range of alerts can be set up with different actions being assigned to each alert, including the various recipients that need to be alerted. Users can receive alerts by a variety of means; instant message, email, message to mobile device, and alert on users workstation as a message via the web. SentinelPlus was designed using a component based architecture and developed in Java and C++ using the latest XML standards to provide configuration, scalability and resilience.

SentinelPlus operates at two levels. The first is at the operating system level, where parameters such as memory, disk and CPU performance are measured. The second is at the application level where MDDS monitoring services are implemented. An example of this can be demonstrated whereby an MDDS service can be monitored to ensure its services are up and running; display how many users and market data connections are live; monitor watch list sizes etc. Data collected by these monitoring services are sent to a Central Event Collector using XML messages over HTTP. This collector communicates to a Web Application Server, which provides an intelligent web interface.

Barry Patel of ePulse states "this latest addition further extends our capabilities, we can now offer a lower cost alternative to other RMDS management products, with the advantage that we monitor and manage both old and new systems thus helping reduce the cost and risk of the transition from Triarch to RMDS".

ePulse was founded in 1998 to provide solutions and services to organisations trading in the global financial and energy markets. In September 2002, and again in 2003, ePulse attained the prestigious Sunday Times Tech Track 100 listing as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK.