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Performance Calculation Engine Now Processes Large Volumes of Personal Rates of Return During Short Statement Production Timeframes

TUCSON, ARIZONA - June 8, 2004 - dailyVest, the leading provider of real-time personal rate of return calculation and display technology for account access websites and investor statements, today introduced software designed to allow service providers to run personal rate of return calculations in large batches during shortened statement production timeframes.

Peter McNellis, dailyVest's Senior Vice President noted, "We are very focused on delivering personal rate of return technology that allows service providers to do their jobs better. PRR generation for statements is an area that needed a better solution. Our newest offering allows clients to enhance their printed investor statements with this information -- without jeopardizing their delivery commitments."

Batch processing of personal rates of return for use in account statements is a natural byproduct of dailyVest's leadership position in real-time performance measurement for account access websites. "Leveraging one performance calculation engine to drive both statement and website enhancement is an approach that makes sense. Our fast and scalable technology allows us to produce PRRs for many thousands - or millions of investor accounts within very abbreviated timeframes," stated McNellis.

dailyVest's solution represents a significant a departure from standard performance reporting solutions which typically involve batch processing only. Rather, the dailyVest solution offers clients a highly flexible, customizable, XML-based real-time performance calculation engine which may be easily connected and integrated within a service provider's host system - all in-house and behind the firewall.