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SIA Launch for ePulse Sentinel Plus Transaction Flow Monitor

ePulse will be launching the latest version of SentinelPlus it's proven management and monitoring product at the SIA show in New York this June.

SentinelPlus is a Web-delivered solution to provide integrated management and monitoring of disparate systems and third-party applications. This latest version allows transactions to be monitored across their entire life cycle.

SentinelPlus allows operations to proactively and intelligently manage business critical applications. This greatly assists support staff in preventing potential crisis type situations before they happen. It comes with a sophisticated and easy to use alerts engine. A wide range of alerts can be set up with different actions being assigned to each alert, including the various recipients that need to be alerted. Users can receive alerts by a variety of means; instant message, email, message to mobile device, alert on users workstation as a message via the web.

Designed using component based architecture, SentinelPlus was developed in Java and C++ using the latest XML standards to provide configuration, scalability and resilience. This latest version uses the IFIP financial markets Ontology and is now able to monitor in a consistent way across all asset classes. The Ontology provided SentinelPlus with an XML based representation of every instrument. This detailed knowledge of each transaction allows the product to react differently depending on the type of transaction being monitored. Full order routing and exception handling facilities are also provided.

Barry Patel of ePulse states "with the increased levels of compliance necessary for Basel-II, organisations are now needing an enterprise wide view of their business and the status of all systems and transactions in a much more detailed way. The combination of the Ontology from IFIP and SentinelPlus gives us the ability to monitor transactions in a much more granular way enabling organisations to further reduce risk from both operational and market perspectives. Using the Ontology also reduced the product development cost and timescales by eliminating a large amount of detailed business analysis".

ePulse was founded in 1998 to provide solutions and services to organisations trading in the global financial and energy markets. In September 2002, and again in 2003, ePulse attained the prestigious Sunday Times Tech Track 100 listing as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the U.K.

Visit us on the SUN Microsystems Stand 4100 at SIA