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DATAFORT URGES COMPANY'S TO GET SAVVY OVER SASSER WORM. Virus May Never Disappear Warn Experts- 'Backup Health Check' A Necessity Warns DataFort

DataFort, the leading provider of managed off-site data back-up, is advising companies to stay alert to the threat posed by the Sasser net worm, with experts predicting a long life span for the latest virus threat.

The Sasser worm, which appeared on computers around the world on May 1st, has infected millions of computers to date. In the UK, the Coastguard service reported problems with its IT systems due to Sasser, while thousands of companies and individuals have experienced problems due to infection. As experts from leading anti-virus firms predict an extended infection period, Gavin Smith, Founder and CEO of DataFort, is urging the business community to safeguard internet back-up processes by applying security patches advised by the software developers:

"The Sasser net worm is more disruptive than destructive, but for companies that rely on robust, reliable IT systems, the downtime and costs that can be incurred by infection can seriously impact on business performance. As any software that connects to the Internet can be infected by the worm, we suggest that companies' apply security patches to all software that uses the Internet as part of its functionality."

DataFort is a noted authority on the subject of computer security and virus attacks in particular, having been one of the prominent spokes-companies on the recent MyDoom outbreak.

Smith concludes, "Many of our channel partners offer free backup health checks so that companies using Internet services can make sure they are protected. Full details of channel partners providing the service can be obtained directly from us".

DataFort is encouraging companies to get in contact by e-mail for advice and information ([email protected]). To help protect companies against this threat, DataFort is currently offering a 30% discount for the first year of service for any client initiating an account before June first. The DataFort Managed Backup Service can be set-up by downloading and installing the software directly from the website (

Pricing and Availability
DataFort 3.0 is available now from DataFort website, with prices starting from £9.95 per month for enough space to archive up to a 1Gb of information. Telephone and online support are included with all Managed Backup Accounts.

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