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Enhancement update to eMAXX, the fixed income database

Users can now search for 100 security identifiers in a single step

eMAXX, Lipper’s fixed income database, has introduced an enhancement to its Bond Query function which increases the ability for users to query the number of securities in a single search to 100. This has made the search for multiple identification codes much quicker. The previous figure of 25 was achieved only after completing several steps.

The eMAXX system provides online access to institutional fixed-income investor profile information and their holdings. Users can filter the investors according to firm criteria such as size, location and firm type - as well as by the fixed income securities they hold. In addition, eMAXX can identify holders, down to a portfolio manager level, of a specific security, issuer or asset class.

eMAXX tracks 19,123 funds holding over $5.58 trillion in total par value.