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DTI information breaches survey - InTechnology comment

Tuesday 27th April, the DTI unveils its Information Security Breaches survey 2004 in its entirety. It is based on research carried out with PWC.

One of the major focuses of the report is on Backups and Recovery, with the survey showing that UK companies are increasingly reliant on the availability, integrity and security of data. The DTI recommends in the survey that organisations should have a strategy in place to ensure that their critical information is backed up automatically and stored offsite in a remote location where it is secure and managed effectively so retrieval or recovery is straightforward.

You might be interested that the DTI uses the services and data centre of InTechnology, the AIM-listed data storage specialists, to back up its critical data. Please find attached a response/comment from InTechnology on the survey findings.

Key findings of the DTI
- 88% of companies find it easy to justify the cost of back ups and disaster recovery facilities
- 95% of organisations have some form of back up or disaster recovery facilities in place – their effectiveness and reliability varies considerably
- Businesses continue to rely heavily on tape storage for their back ups despite the well-known reliability and security issues around tapes
- Worryingly, only 32% of organisations store their back ups off site – 48% of large companies are in the same boat
- 33% of UK businesses had a security incident involving loss of data (excluding viruses) - 66% of large companies have had the same experience
- 61% of companies took more than a day to recover from their worst systems failure – (some reported disruptions lasting a month)
- 23% said that better back up and contingency plans would have helped to prevent their worst security incident in the past year
- 20% of companies have a business continuity or disaster recovery plan in place rising to 41% of large companies
However, only 8% have actually tested those plans to give comfort that they would actually work in practice

Response from InTechnology
InTechnology is not surprised by these findings, but they point to a concerning lack of awareness and a responsibility for the potential threat lost data has on a business.

Whilst InTechnology welcomes the fact that the majority of companies have some form of back up in place, the survey highlights that most organisations’ strategy falls short of adequate.

InTechnology believes that unless companies automatically back up offsite in a remote secure, well-managed location, their data is still at risk and, moreover, they are not securing one of the critical assets of a business, information.

The DTI backs up its critical information offsite through InTechnology’s Managed Services.

For more information or to speak to a representative of InTechnology, please contact Edward Taylor or Jo Brice at Financial Dynamics on 0207 269 7295 / 7246.