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TAPMaster put through paces at the Microsoft Technology Center in Boston

VANCOUVER, BC – TAP Solutions has successfully concluded independent full-scale enterprise testing of its data management platform for global capital markets, TAPMaster. The tests were completed over a two-week period at the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Boston, and focused on TAPMaster’s ability to load, store, and query millions of financial Instrument records from multiple data vendors.

"To clients using these datafeeds, one of the most important factors to consider is the speed with which content can be loaded into the database and, in turn, made available to applications," says Doug Wood, TAP’s Chief Technology Officer. "Poor loading speed can severely impact the value of the data to business users – if data is not there when you need it, it has no value at all."

Examining output capability, tests emulated 13 different hardware configurations using a variety of complex queries with portfolios of 10 to 1500 CUSIPs from up to 200 concurrent users. The performance from TAP’s recommended platform successfully illustrated the product’s exceptional scaling properties.
"When we pumped up the query complexity and increased the number concurrent users, only a very minor decrease occurred in TAPMaster’s performance," says Chuck McCann, Technical Director at the MTC in Boston. "To me, that says TAPMaster can perform consistently at the levels required by small and mid-level clients, but more importantly can handle the myriad of data feeds and volumes of data expected at Tier 1 financial services firms."

TAP expects the results from the MTC testing to reflect the reality of the product environment as two New York-based clients go live with TAPMaster in April and May. These two clients represent the size and scalability validated at the MTC, the first being one of the world’s largest securities firms with over 60,000 employees, and the other being an institutional broker/dealer with just 70 staff.