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Thyron achieves "Chip and PIN" Secure Certification for new Payment Devices

London, U.K, April 20th 2004 - Thyron Systems, the specialist provider of terminals and applications for secure mobile and portable card transactions, today announced that it has been granted full VISA PED (Pin Entry Device) certification for their new PayCell MPT500® mobile payment terminal as well as their PosMate 100 PIN Pad.

The widespread migration of card payments to PIN validation rather than signature is seen as a major deterrent against customer present credit fraud. This migration requires retailers to deploy PIN Entry devices that allow customers to enter a PIN number instead of a signature. VISA PED is an exacting standard for security and resistance to external attack or tampering of the Chip and PIN equipment. The PED certification was developed by VISA to ensure all POS or EMV Chip and PIN manufacturers’ equipment protects the integrity and security of the cardholder’s PIN (Personal Identification Number) during such card transactions.

As mandated by the UK Banking authorities all newly deployed PIN Pads or Payment terminals must meet the VISA PED requirements from 1st January 2004.

Kalim Qureshi - Director of Technology at Thyron System comments, "We submitted both products for testing with one of the leading security certification laboratories authorised by VISA. Thyron remain committed to the highest levels of security for both hardware and software and obtaining this level of certification is a strong endorsement of the secure architecture and stringent design features of Thyron Systems products".

Thyron System’s PayCell MPT500® mobile/portable payment terminal has been designed to meet the needs of the Retail Hospitality sector where "pay at table" is required or for any mobile environment card transaction. The PayCell MPT500® has exceptional battery performance and delivers the card transactions across the widest range of wireless communications networks possible. These include GSM/GPRS/Wireless LAN and Bluetooth.

PosMate 100 PIN Pad is an innovative PIN Entry Device designed for CHIP and PIN verification at a retailer based integrated Point of Sale. It has an attractive ergonomic design, can be hand held or pole mounted and has an unobtrusive, but effective integrated privacy shield to prevent visual PIN number compromise.

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