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Eurex US wins approval of Dutch regulator

Dutch participants can now trade directly on Eurex US following approval for the new fully-electronic U.S. futures and options exchange by that country's financial services supervisory authority in the Netherlands. More than 2,200 traders from the following jurisdictions can now access Eurex US: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Gibraltar, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, USA and the United Kingdom. UK-based members of Eurex US which are authorized firms in the UK, can trade on the basis of the "Overseas Persons Exclusion", according to UK law. Formal recognition of Eurex US by the UK Financial Services Authority is pending.

Eurex US began trading on February 8 and currently maintains markets for futures and options on 2-, 5- and 10-year Treasury notes and on 30-year Treasury bonds. Pending approval of international regulatory authorities, Eurex US will expand its offerings to include trading in futures and options on Euro-denominated interest rate products as well as on European and US equity indices. The Chicago-based Clearing Corporation (CCorp) is acting as Eurex US' clearing organization in the U.S. A clearing link between CCorp and Eurex Clearing, Eurex's European clearing organization, shall allow for choice of clearing, full fungibility and margin and collateral offsets in excess of 2.5 billion USD thus adding substantial benefits to customers.

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