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Abbey and Xbridge Launch Online Product Finder

Abbey business is providing a new online service for small business customers, called ‘The Product Finder’, that will offer individual financial advice. The Product Finder is on the Abbey business website and has been designed by Xbridge, the UK’s leading online business finance strategist.

The new service gives the small businessperson a list of financial recommendations that is tailored to his or her specific business needs. The recommendations are based on a series of concise questions that are quick and simple to answer. If a customer’s requirements are best suited to asset finance rather than vendor finance, for example, then the product finder will lead them to this. The customer can then apply directly for the financing online or request more information.

By using the product finder the customer is able to get the right finance solution quickly and easily, rather than wasting time looking at accounts, mortgages and other finance solutions that are unsuitable for their individual needs or simply not available for their business.

Brad Liebmann, Managing Director of Xbridge, said: "Business banking customers have high expectations about what they should be able to do online. Unfortunately most banking websites are nothing but glorified brochures. Abbey business is taking a great step toward helping customers get the right account or mortgage for them."

Michael Campbell, Marketing Director Abbey business said: "The Internet has given banks the chance to offer better service to individual businesses, yet very few have actually made proper use of this potential. Since Abbey business launched in 2002, we have looked for ways to change the way that business banking works. Xbridge’s unique service has enabled us to do exactly that.

For more information or to arrange interviews, please contact:
Brad Liebmann
Xbridge Limited
020 7378 9801
Kirsty Sugrue
020 7756 4211
Joe Laing
020 7294 3649