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Etrali first to launch PC based Trading Turret

Etradeal Vision - Unlocking the true value of IP with the new-generation trading turret

Singapore/Paris, 13th October 2003: Etrali, the leading supplier and integrator of trading systems and network services for the financial community, is introducing a new generation of PC-based trading turrets to global customers.

Until now, turret-based voice communications in trading rooms did not run on IP networks. "But now", says Pascal Zerates, Executive VP, Etrali SA: "Ever more powerful PCs and greater bandwidth make it possible to address the exacting requirements of trading rooms using standard PC and Internet Protocol (IP) addressing. Combining our trading turret capabilities with IP means that traders can access audio, email, customer relationship management and videoconferencing applications from a single interface. Etradeal Vision is a fully-fledged access portal for numerous types of IT applications - messaging, CRM, video and audioconferencing, etc. - making it perfect for sales, back office and middle office activities. Etrali has created a true multi-media trading turret".

Etradeal Vision lets trading rooms benefit from the flexibility and ubiquity of IP while retaining the performance specific to telephone tools. All the powerful telephone features of the Etradeal trading turret system are available, including simultaneous processing of multiple calls, line sharing, conference and intercom calls, playback of recorded calls, trader free-seating and more. This gives all trading room staff access to telecom resources directly from their PC: private lines, speed-dial numbers, directories, etc.

One of the main benefits of Etradeal Vision is universal access, allowing traders to use the turret just as they would a regular PC. After logging on via a secure connection, they find their personalised desktop environment wherever they are, letting traders work from remote locations. What’s more, Etradeal Vision is the first trading turret to provide WiFi and GPRS wireless interfaces for total flexibility.

Etrali has decided to base the solution on a standardised, open technology environment. The product has been developed with a priority on providing a solution that’s completely open to the operating environment. Etrali’s focus is on supporting a soft, natural and transparent integration of these new tools in customers’ environments. Finance professionals will be able to easily interface the new Etradeal Vision turret with their legacy tools.

The system was previewed to US customers earlier in 2003 and has garnered significant interest. It is currently being evaluated by a leading Paris-based financial institution.

Etradeal Vision will be demonstrated at the 2003 EBIF event (27th, 28th & 29th October) in Frankfurt Messegelände – Hall 3.0, booth Number 3.0.D20