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New solution designed to enable retail banks and building societies to maximise retail sales processes for multiple business units and product lines.

London, November 21st 2002 - FINEOS Corporation, the leading innovator of banking and insurance software, has just released FINEOS Opportunity Management for retail banking and building society providers. The new solution is designed to specifically enable retail banks manage the 360° sales process, commencing at lead generation (from a campaign or customer contact), through opportunity creation, allocation and analysis.

FINEOS Opportunity Management allows for complete sales contact and case management as it electronically captures and tracks all point of sale customer information -e.g. information received via branch enquiries, calls and correspondence from new and existing customers - regardless of the channel in use. Built-in workflow automation also ensures that all opportunities from credit-card applications to mortgage enquiries are routed to the relevant departments and service levels and sales tasks are monitored so that all opportunities are prioritised and tracked accordingly.

Achieving a complete single view of customer information and tracking sales through the entire lifecycle is one of the biggest challenges facing retail-banking organisations in the UK today. With FINEOS Opportunity Management, all retail banking sales activities and volumes can be reported, charted and then provided for analysis so that sales management objectives and processes can be aligned with consumer behaviour and needs. The system can also track all individual and business units' activity and costs associated with sales processes as well as having the ability to automatically compile tailored letters and other correspondence between the organisation and its customers.

Commenting on the release, Michael Kelly, CEO, FINEOS said: "Reducing the cycle of time and cost associated with the sales of complex financial products and improving the measurement of sales personnel in branches and call centres is one of the major priorities for retail banks. Our retail banking customers in the UK are some of the fastest-growing sales organisations in the industry and with FINEOS Opportunity Management we have developed a proven solution that delivers sustainable ROI through an effective combination of technology and our complete vertical focus on retail banking."

FINEOS Opportunity management is built upon FINEOS's award-winning Customer Management platform, FINEOS Front Office.