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FAME's Partnership With VhaYu Technologies Delivers Significant Value to Financial Institutions

Combination Of Tick Data Capture And Real-Time Analytics Spurs Market Interest.

NEW YORK (October 29, 2002) - FAME Information Services, Inc. today announced that the combination of tick data capture and high speed analytics provided through FAME's partnership with VhaYu Technologies (, has gained significant momentum in the financial market. The partnership, announced in June 2002, developed software that enabled leading financial institutions to instantaneously capture high volumes of market data.

"The ability to quickly access and analyze high-quality data is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity," said Kevin Clancey, FAME's vice president of sales for the Americas region. "The financial markets are volatile right now. The high level of trading activity has lent an air of immediacy to the analysis of tick data. Our solutions give companies access to this information so that they may act quickly on market opportunities."

The powerful technology, which has been utilized by hedge funds, exchanges, and broker dealers, combines infrastructure and real-time analytics with the ability to capture every tick from North American Equities, Options, and Futures. It handles up to 50,000 updates per second and performs complex queries and analytics with responses in milliseconds. The solution scales to support virtually unlimited event or query driven analysis. Deployed solutions include Dynamic VWAP, Time and Sales, Filtering, Arbitrage and Auto Execution (for hedge funds).

Once clients wish to remove the ticks from memory and database them, FAME Professional Services, a global consulting team of experienced project managers, developers, and analysts, provides this integration and a software link into the FAME database product. FAME then supplements this data with the wealth of financial data that it currently redistributes, thus providing a platform for detailed and valuable historical analysis.

"We are taking real-time decision making to a totally new level," said Shanti Dev, president Of VhaYu. "We provide our customers with a revolutionary technology platform that offers real-time analytics fed by multiple sources of real-time data. This unique offering, coupled with FAME' s Professional Services providing integration and development, allows customers to realize bottom line impact and significant cost reductions instantaneously."