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Syntegra previews new voice recognition and voice messenger capabilities at European Banking Technology Fair 2002

Syntegra to also demonstrate its latest IP-ready turrets, ITS Myriad,
Wireless ITS Myriad and video integration.

FRANKFURT, 29 October, 2002 - Syntegra today announced it will debut its new speech driven collaborative trading environment - incorporating voice recognition and voice messenger capabilities - at the European Banking Technology Fair (EBTF), taking place in Frankfurt from 29-31 October, 2002 (Hall 5.1, stand #A21).

Working with Vox Generation, a leading provider of spoken language business solutions, voice recognition is the latest technology development Syntegra is capitalising on through its collaborative trading platform, ITS Myriad, to ensure greater efficiency in today's trading environment. Also on display at the show, ITS Myriad and its wireless counterpart, Wireless ITS Myriad, are designed to link clients, colleagues and trading partners, allowing them to communicate using any channel and any resources, irrespective of where they are based.

Simon Loopuit, CEO, VOX Generation, explains, "Until today, speed, accuracy and user experiences of voice recognition technology have simply not been good enough to deploy on the trading floor. By integrating Vox Trader - our generic plug-and-play product - with Syntegra's proven ITS Myriad technology, the feedback from a spoken instruction is now visible and immediate. Trades can be entered, CRM systems updated, contacts dialled, emails sent and screens manipulated - all by spoken commands. The emphasis is on speed, simplicity, accuracy and an enhanced user experience."

At EBTF, Syntegra will also be previewing ITS Voice Messenger, designed to help sales and research personnel increase productivity by reducing the time they have to spend leaving voicemails, freeing them to respond to customer enquiries and close more business. ITS Voice Messenger's high quality Voice Drop functionality enables pre-recorded messages to be left on a client's voicemail system; and Voice Blast allows messages to be sent to many clients' voicemail boxes simultaneously as part of an automated voicemail campaign. This is especially important in volatile markets or at particular times of the day - for example, during a busy morning call campaign, when a salesperson has to call a lot of customers with investment advice.

ITS Voice Messenger is designed so a short personalised greeting can be added before the pre-recorded message, and ensures that the quality of the message remains consistent throughout. The potential gains in terms of enhanced customer service are clear. ITS Voice Messenger also provides message playback and record capability through an ITS turret or PBX telephone controlled from a user's desktop application via ITS Myriad.

Furthermore, for the first time in Europe Syntegra will present its new ITS Video Turret, powered by the AvistarVOS(tm) software from Avistar Communications Corporation, a leading provider of enterprise video communication solutions. Available since June, the ITS Video Turret provides seamless integration of voice and video communication, allowing trading floor staff to build stronger relationships, improve productivity, cut costs and increase revenue streams - through face-to-face interaction at the desktop.

Accessing Avistar's video applications through their Syntegra turret, traders can easily make two-way or multi-party collaborative video calls; record themselves or their calls for later playback; instantly create video presentations; and seamlessly bring in live video (e.g. CNN) or documents (such as spreadsheets or PowerPoints) to discuss with call participants.

Syntegra's full turret range is equipped to exploit IP technology so that when customers decide to implement VoIP, they can proceed without the need to change-out the turret.

Speaking about Syntegra's presence at EBTF, Rod MacDonald, managing director of trading systems at Syntegra, said, "We are looking forward to demonstrating the full capabilities of ITS Myriad and Wireless ITS Myriad, to the leading technical and business heads gathered at EBTF. The recent integration of conversational speech, voice messaging and video collaboration demonstrate how we are continuing to use our extensive systems integration experience to take advantage of new technologies, where appropriate. Europe is a leader in innovative financial technology, and we are genuinely excited at the prospect of sharing our latest plans for improving trading room efficiency."

For more information please contact Kylie Denheld at +44 (0) 20 7959 5400