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Acrys PoolDesigner for ABS business further enhanced with more advantages for originators/servicers

Acrys Consult announces PoolDesigner ImportFilter for all asset classes. This latest additional feature ensures further speed up of originator data supply and transaction cost reduction by shortening the time consumed by quality assurance.

In today's ABS business originators very often send a huge number of asset data to arrangers asking for placement on the capital market. Now the arranger processes the data for the fields required by his software. Since data fields vary from one originator to another and frequently contain erroneous or wrong items (e.g. syntax errors in currency fields or wrong maturity dates), this step can be very time consuming and cost intensive. Additionally, a detailed feedback to the originator is difficult which can lead to intransparency for auditors.

Acrys' PoolDesigner ImportFilter addresses this situation by supplying a very flexible and easy to use Web tool for converting and importing asset data into other file types or databases.

Arrangers or servicers gain competitive advantages through more service and further reduction of transaction cost, particularily in case of different clients or in multiseller securitization programs. Especially with revolving transactions, service and transparency for clients are increased yielding to advantages in competitive market environments.

This tool can be provided by arrangers/servicers and used by originators for quality control by the data owner who is the most competent transaction participant with respect to data quality. Thus the tool can reduce servicing fees for originators.

Acrys' PoolDesigner ImportFilter main features are:

- Quality control - only technically correct data are converted
- Homogenization - data of different format, like dates, are converted into one definable format
- Flexibility - all combinations of raw data to output data are possible
- Extensibility of data - new fields can be defined, i.e. default currency units for prices etc.
- Online correction - the user sees and can correct erroneous data online.

PoolDesigner ImportFilter is a 100% Java applet which can be accessed via any Java enabled browser. Depending on the purchased version it allows file-to-file or file-to-database conversion. The input data can be any fixed length or comma separated file format and the output format can be set as fixed length, comma separated or XML.

Additionally, since all business constraints are definable, SQL-create-table statements can be generated together with the data for various data base systems. It fully integrates with Acrys' PoolDesigner, though PoolDesigner is not required for usage.

The applet can be used by originators and servicers as a stand alone version or as a web service for clients.

For further information or inquiries please visit us at the EBTF 2002 in Frankfurt or contact us via phone or mail.