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New York, October 18 The Technology Managers Forum (TMF) has awarded this year’s Business Process Improvement Award to Deutsche Bank and its software
partner Trace Datawise for its dbInstruct browser-based data entry and message generation system. This technology has been packaged for the external market by Trace Datawise and branded as WebTM.

TMF has an active membership of more than 400 IT directors and managers of major US corporations, representing more than half the Fortune 1000. Members are in the executive ranks and the majority have titles of CIO, VP or Director of Technology. The award is independent confirmation from an independent professional association that WebTM delivers demonstrable and significant competitive advantage to banks and their customers in the securities marketplace. It denotes a standard of excellence that has been achieved within an organization and refers to a process that can be quantified, adapted, and repeated. Projects entered must affect at least 200 users and be deployed by
organizations with at least $200 million in gross annual revenue.

WebTM provides seamless, end-to-end transaction processing by integrating trade entry capabilities into a customisable investment management web platform. It is one of very few solutions to route investment trades through a single Internet hub. The technology conforms with both securities and cash and foreign exchange message standards (ISO15022 and ISO7775).

The judges, who are senior IT Directors of major US corporations, agreed that the technology confers multiple benefits, including lower costs, increased client and employee satisfaction, reduced risk for the bank, business process improvement and competitive advantage.