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Americom Life to License COSS Co-Development Tools for both Web and Desktop

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 2, 2002, COSS Development Corporation (COSS) announced today that it has entered into a license agreement with Old Mutual U.S. Life (OMUSLife), parent company to Americom Life & Annuity Insurance Company. Americom Life currently utilizes COSS' customized illustration system, IRIS. Under this new agreement, OMUSLife enters into a co-development partnership with COSS.

As part of the co-development partnership, Americom Life has the ability to handle their own routine maintenance and support updates, as well as, adding and modifying products within the system using various COSS tools.

"This partnership allows us to gain speed to the market, because we are able to support product enhancements along side of COSS," said Bob Desvignes, Assistant Vice President of Marketing Technology for OMUSLife. "This agreement brings us technology in a way that quickly meets sales needs."

There are several different tool components within the package. Screen Designer creates and modifies the user interface for all COSS systems including input wizards for electronic forms. Product Designer creates and updates products and riders used within the IRIS illustration system. Report Writer creates and modifies sales illustration output reports. John Lundsten, President and CEO of COSS, said that "Americom Life will be using the same tools used by COSS. As a result, the traditional developer-customer relationship is truly elevated to a business partnership between Americom Life and COSS."

Americom Life is joining a growing number of companies who enjoy greater cost efficiency and speed to market through the use of COSS' co-development tools.