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Albany provides ALBACS-IP as a simple migration path for all BACS users

30th September 2002 – ALBACS-IP is the BACSTEL-IP compliant solution from Albany Software, developed in readiness for the NewBACS Technology Renewal Programme scheduled to commence in 2003.

BACSTEL-IP will replace the existing BACSTEL delivery channel through which BACS submissions are currently made and will employ advanced Internet Protocol technology designed to future-proof the service for all business users. This, combined with the greatly enhanced security of smart-card and PKI technology, will help to avoid the ever-growing risk associated with online communications whilst giving companies greater flexibility, more immediate reporting information direct to the desktop, and tighter control of all electronic fund transactions.

Adrian Stafford-Jones, Managing Director of Albany Software, comments, "As the trusted market leader in the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) arena, Albany fully supports BACSTEL-IP and has been working closely with BACS to develop a quick, simple and effective solution for all BACS users wishing to migrate to this new technology. We have an active programme to ensure all BACS users are prepared for the launch in 2003 and the subsequent migration across to the new infrastructure."

Commenting on the business impact of the technology change, Stafford-Jones affirms, "Our methodology is simple but thorough, supporting businesses through the transition to BACSTEL-IP with a comprehensive Migration Programme. For users wishing to introduce the EFT service into their business for the first time, we are also offering a quick and easy route to the new technology to allow them to install, commission and train in less than half a day. This programme guarantees that existing ALBACS users and users of other BACS solutions will be able to transition easily and quickly to the new technology."

Stafford-Jones concludes, "The added functionality and increased security will provide immediate benefits to the majority of users and we are using it as an opportunity to add additional cutting-edge features that leverage the new IP platform moving forward."

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