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Eurex Bonds Offers Trading Data in Real Time

New Quality in Trading With Government Bonds
Real-Time Indices in the Pipeline for the First Time

Frankfurt, Germany - August 14, 2002- Eurex, the international electronic platform for trading in fixed-income securities announced today that it will also be offering real-time trading data off the trading screen starting September 2, 2002. This means that currently tradable prices (best-ask and best-bid price) as well as trading data for completed transactions (last market price) will be made available to a broad public. Eurex, the international exchange organization, made the announcement on Wednesday. Eurex Bonds is enhancing the transparency of its platform with these trading data and is thus bringing a new quality to trading in German government bonds. In a next step, Eurex Bonds, in cooperation with Deutsche Börse, also wants to offer real-time indices for the first time. These real-time indices are to be based on best-bid and best-ask prices as well as the last market prices of the completed trades in fixed-income securities.

The increasing attractiveness of the Eurex Bonds trading platform, as documented by the strong rise in liquidity and turnover, has led to a growing demand for Eurex Bonds price data, according to Eurex. The Eurex Bonds price data are distributed as a separate information product by Deutsche Börse Information Products Division via the CEF (Consolidated Exchange Feed) data distribution system. The subscription to Eurex Bonds data will be free of charge up to and including February 2003

The electronic bond-trading platform Eurex Bonds is operated jointly by Eurex and major bond-trading houses. Eurex Bonds offers trading and clearing in German government bonds and, since the beginning of 2002, in issues of the KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau), the European Investment Bank and individual German states as well as in jumbo Pfandbrief issues. Moreover, with the basis trading facility Eurex Bonds provides an attractive product combination of bonds and futures contracts traded at Eurex.

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