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Scottish Life International, one of the world's leading providers of offshore risk- defined investment products, has released an online demonstration of its innovative worldwide secure extranet site for intermediaries,

In these uncertain times of falling stock markets, consumers and intermediaries are looking for ways to gain more control over their investments. Scottish Life International's unique range of 44 protected investment funds do just that by allowing the customer to select the levels of risk and growth potential they feel most comfortable with. These funds offer a choice of options that are designed to give returns in different market conditions and to protect the initial investment from sudden erosion. allows authorised intermediaries to instruct free online switches for their clients' fund holdings and to vary the levels of capital protection depending on market conditions. In today's environment, it is essential that intermediaries are able to adjust portfolios in falling markets and makes it easy to do just that.

Intermediaries can also benefit from such features as online access to their client bank and comprehensive information such as policyholder and contract particulars, together with detailed contract valuations - all essential information that the busy IFA needs at his or her fingertips when the market appears to be moving so fast.

John Allison, Marketing Director at Scottish Life International, said,'With the FTSE 100 falling to a 5 year low in recent weeks there is quite naturally a great deal of uncertainty in the markets today and our products can offer a certain peace of mind to nervous investors. Now, with our extranet service, we can offer intermediaries the tools to enable clients to move into a safer investment if markets continue to slide and to jump back in to the stock market when markets start to recover, all at the click of a mouse. Furthermore with our Protected Index 95 funds investors could actually see their risk-defined investment outperform the index if it rises substantially.

"We are very proud of Our research reveals that the site is gaining in popularity daily. For example, in June 2002 63 per cent of all of our fund switch instructions from intermediaries were made online.

"We were only able to deliver this tool, ensuring that IFAs have the ability to take control in these bear market times, by listening and implementing features designed to save them time and make Scottish Life International easy to deal with.

"Development of the site is on-going and we contine to both encourage and welcome input from intermediaries."

Kelly Paterson, Scottish Life International's E-commerce Analyst, commented;

"We have already authorised all Scottish Life sales staff for a special
version of so that they can effectively promote the benefits
of the service.

"The demo service is in a narrative 'story book' format, giving an overview of and how it works in these turbulent times. It has been created in a flexible, user-friendly environment and allows the user to follow the logical flow of or to jump straight to specific parts of the demo at the press of a button. We created it for a number of reasons; for example, it gives Scottish Life International intermediaries, not yet registered onto, a taster of the range of powerful functions available from the service. Intermediaries will be able to see how easy it is to use and how simple and logical it is to navigate and take control of their client's investment. We believe it highlights our commitment to leading-edge, labour saving e-services.

"At a time when most fund managers are showing losses for their clients, all of our 100% and 99% protected funds have actually made money for our investors (since launch). Now IFAs can make the most of this positive performance online through free tactical switching across our extensive range of capital protected funds.'

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