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Lexign Brings Its Web-based Trusted Transaction Management Solutions To Europe

The e-commerce solutions provider helps organisations streamline their business processes by using the Web

London, UK, April 9th, 2002 - Lexign, the leading provider of trusted transaction management solutions for e-business, today strengthened its expansion into Europe with the appointment of its first European Managing Director, Ron Christian.

Mr Christian will accelerate Lexign’s drive into Europe, where the company already has many high-profile European customers, including government organisations, banking group ABN-AMRO, EasyJet, and travel agency JMC.

Lexign’s technology allows organisations to streamline their business processes, transactions and workflow patterns in a secure, efficient and user-friendly manner by using the Web. The Lexign Suite™ is the first
comprehensive, trusted transaction management solution for e-commerce. It enables enterprises to create, authorise, process and store high-value documents and transactions, such as bank loans, risk management, tax records or medical documents, using the Web, in a simple, secure and cost-effective way.

"Lexign is a revolutionary software company that delivers end-to-end trusted transaction solutions by providing a fully integrated suite of products," said Mr Christian.
"Using the Lexign Suite, organisations will streamline business processes, reduce operational costs, and increase revenue in a secure and scalable environment."

"Although Lexign is a recently formed entity, it was created from three companies, giving it a large global presence with more than 3000 customers in 70 countries, a network of Global business partners and mature products,"
added Mr Christian. "This expansion into Europe further solidifies our commitment to the global market place."

The Lexign Suite supports every part of the transaction lifecycle, from user interface, workflow, digital signature and user/data validation, to document management and storage. The Lexign Suite comprises:

* Lexign Flow™ - a powerful workflow engine that streamlines and automates an organisation's mission-critical business processes, regardless of complexity.
Users can deploy it in a department, across an enterprise, or in business-to-business environments. Lexign Flow speeds decisions, increases productivity and maximises efficiency and reporting without compromising flexibility.

* Lexign WebForms™ - allows users to create and deploy interactive forms and manage data in a Web or wireless environment, extending information throughout -- and beyond -- the enterprise.

* Lexign ProSigner™ -- allows organisations to add electronic signatures and encryption to any document.

* Lexign WebSigner™ -- enables users to send signed Web forms and PDF’s digitally, allowing online business communications and transactions to be certified and authenticated.

* Lexign Store™ -- provides a document management solution that captures transaction content and documents, converting them into data elements that can be accessed throughout an enterprise or globally through the Internet.

Lexign targets several key industries that process large volumes of paperwork and handle high-value, process-intensive transactions. These include financial services, government and healthcare. Lexign’s software platform for
trusted transaction management is used to create customised solutions for many other industries through the expert knowledge of its network of worldwide partners
The company, which is owned by a major US bank, Zions Bancorporation (NASDAQ: ZION), has several strategic partnerships with leading technology suppliers, including Compaq Global Services, Getronics, Software AG and Microsoft.