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Turnkey Applications for WebQL-Caesius announces nine easy-to-use Web harvesting applications

SEATTLE - January 18, 2002 – Caesius Software, Inc., a provider of Web harvesting software for business intelligence (BI) and competitive intelligence (CI), announced today the launch of nine turnkey application templates for use with its award winning Web harvesting product, WebQL. The turnkey applications allow users to search for, pinpoint and extract any desired information for automatic reformatting into a spreadsheet, database, or word processing template.

"Business professionals doing competitive and market intelligence can greatly benefit from these applications," said Chris Buckingham, president of Caesius Software. "Instead of surfing the usual Web sites for desirable information and trying to copy and paste it into a presentable format, the turnkey applications make it as easy as typing in a search term and later opening a folder to view the results."

Caesius’ flagship product WebQL, picks up where search engines leave off with unmatched capability to pinpoint and extract information from the Internet. The new application templates provide an easy to use, parameter driven GUI interface to WebQL’s powerful Web extraction and information gathering capabilities. Business professionals can now focus on their marketing and management expertise and not the underlying technology of WebQL. The applications excel in the following areas:

-WebQL Price Surveyor…competitive price collector
-WebQL Message Board Miner…mining the court of cyberspace public opinion
-WebQL Patent Researcher…patent information aggregator
-WebQL Scientific Assistant…automated scientific research
-WebQL Prospector…sales lead generator
-WebQL Compliance Tracker… partner, vendor, dealer Web site watchdog
-WebQL Taxonomist…specific subject information aggregator
-WebQL Site Finder…finds sites critical to research activities
-WebQL HiddenResumes…resumes from the deep Web

Turnkey applications are licensed on an annual basis. Prices range from $6,000 to $15,000 per year including the WebQL Run Time Engines necessary to execute the applications, telephone support, automatic upgrades, and assurance against site changes. Customer specific modifications are separately chargeable.