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Integrity Treasury Solutions' BoundaryRider System Now Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (r)

London, 9 January 2002 - Integrity Treasury Solutions, a leading global provider of treasury management solutions, is pleased to announce that its BoundaryRider credit and market risk analytics system now runs on SQL Server

According to Justin Taylor, Managing Director Financial Services at Integrity, "We have had many requests for a SQL Server version of BoundaryRider and we see a definite trend toward Microsoft platforms in the financial markets. There is a growing acceptance that SQL Server 2000 running on a Windows 2000 Server Platform is an excellent choice for running mission critical risk applications."

BoundaryRider's major advantage over other risk systems is its speed, opening the door to more accurate exposure measurement in real time for both market and credit risk. Powerful analytics drive a system that allows real-time pre-deal credit limit checks on netted counterparties; calculates market risk VAR in a way that is consistent with credit risk exposure; lets risk managers assess the impact of stress scenarios on both market and credit risk; accommodates highly complex products; and calculates the required return on credit capital and marginal loss provision for proposed trades.

"Solutions like BoundaryRider put the trader into a completely new environment, where informed decisions can be instantaneous and where a holistic, real-time view of the client is always available" explained David Slight, Industry Manager for Financial Service for Microsoft in the UK.

"Microsoft server products provide a new architecture for the front office
with partners empowering the trader with the best trading, collaboration and
calculation tools."