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Eircell Vodafone signs Contract with Altamedius for the Development of Micro Payment Services

Dublin, December 10, 2001. Eircell Vodafone, Ireland's leading mobile phone operator, today announced details of an agreement that it has signed with Irish software company Altamedius for the provision of micro payment services to Eircell Vodafone's 1.6m customer base. Eircell Vodafone plans to work with Altamedius over the next twelve months to develop a range of micro payment services that will be launched to its customers by mid 2002.

The micro payment services that will be offered by Eircell Vodafone will facilitate the purchase of small value goods and services by customers through the Internet, via WEB, WAP, IVR and vending machines. All transactions will be carried out in a secure and controlled environment and will allow users to purchase items such as cinema and concert tickets, CDs, books and games without the need for a credit or debit card.

The micro payment service will be particularly beneficial to Eircell Vodafone customers who do not have access to conventional credit or banking facilities. The range of services in development will also allow customers to view their transaction histories on-line and track the status of their various purchases. The service will also have a customer care support feature and will incorporate online self-care and account management.

Speaking at the announcement of the agreement, Jonathan Byrne, Head of eCommerce, Eircell Vodafone said "Eircell Vodafone continues to invest in innovation and technology to ensure that we bring continued value to our customers through new services. For this reason, we have selected Altamedius as our partners to develop our micro payment solutions as they have a strong track record in providing unique and innovative payment solutions for electronic and mobile commerce.

"The mobile phone is the ideal tool for delivering secure and personalised payment services in the form of credit and debit cards and micro payment services. We expect this service to be of particular appeal for customers aged between 16 and 24 and those who do not have access to credit or debit cards," he added.

"We are naturally delighted that Eircell Vodafone has chosen Altamedius for the deployment of an exciting roadmap of micro payment services", said Jack McDonnell, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Altamedius.

"The Altamedius ethos is centered upon the productive, everyday application of ground-breaking e-payment technology. Our partnership with Eircell Vodafone is a good example of how we collaborate with our customers, to create unprecedented value for the end-consumer - empowering Eircell Vodafone customers with the power to transact, anytime, anywhere, in a wireless or web environment".

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